May 062011

Direct2Drive has been very active on the deal scene lately, giving Steam plenty of competition.  Their weekend deal with promo code “sizzle” offers 25% upcoming high-profile games like Brink, The Witcher 2, Battlefield 3, Rage and more.  Check out the list here.  Not a bad time to pick up Brink, which releases next week.

Also, if you’ve been holding out on Dead Space 2 or Dead Space 1, for that matter — check out these good deals at the EA store.  Digital downloads of both copies for $24 and $12, respectively.   I played through Dead Space 2 at launch on the PS3, and found it more enjoyable than the first one, so I’d definitely recommend it at that price.


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  1. Thinking about my recent digital purchases, I realized I haven’t bought anything from Steam lately. Amazon and Direct2Drive has had better and more relevant deals for me. I don’t think I’ve bought anything from Steam since the past holiday sales, which were actually a bit lackluster.

  2. I did just pick up SimCity 4 Deluxe for $5 on Steam, which was a great price for the well-reviewed latest installment in a franchise I haven’t played in a very long time. Should be worth a trip down memory lane. But I agree about the Steam holiday sale. I wonder what they’ll roll out for the summer sale, usually in July?

  3. Btw…interesting that Deus Ex: Human Revolution isn’t anywhere on that D2D sale.

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