May 252011

To update our previous post, it’s now officially official.  What does this mean for D2D customers today?  Not much.  Gamefly was looking to get into the PC gaming business and add to their portfolio.  Those of you who have hopes of eventually seeing PC game rentals, stay tuned as that could be a real possibility.  In a quote to their own Shacknews, Gamefly CEO Dave Hodess said “we know that consumers are interested in PC game rentals, so we will investigate this idea thoroughly.”  I’m assuming that they will be looking at digital rentals, with DRM in place to limit the time and usage of PC games.  Obviously, pricing is the wildcard, but priced right, it could be a worthwhile business.  Would you be interested in renting PC games?  Might not be bad to rent the latest CoD installment or any other 4-5 hour linear single player game that’s not worth owning for the rest of your life, which is the case with PC games today.