May 172011

More details keep trickling out about Sony’s compensation plans for the PSN outage. While the store is not up yet, when it does come back up, they have some free games waiting for you. The plan is that each user will get to choose two PS3 games from a list of five and you can also choose two PSP games from a list of four. The game titles are, of course, Sony published games, and if you had expectations of free third party games you would have been completely mistaken. Here’s your options in North America:

PS3 Games:

PSP Games:

A fairly decent list, although one could argue that most of those games are older and there are no AAA recent titles on that list.  I’ve only played inFAMOUS on the PS3 list and felt it was a very enjoyable open-world game, so if you’ve held out for that one, it’s easy to recommend for the low price of free.  Also coming is some free rental movies over a one weekend and some PlayStation Home free virtual items.

To recap, Sony will be offering one year of credit monitoring, two free PS3 games (and two PSP games if you actually have a PSP), some free movie rentals for one weekend (too bad if you’re out of town), 30 days of PlayStation Plus, and the promise of better security.  Of course, we have no well of telling how much more secure PSN is, although it’s been noted that Japan is not allowing PSN to go back online there because “Sony was incomplete in exercising measures that they said they will do on the May 1 press conference.”    You can read more into how the Japanese government is treating the situation with Sony, here.  That definitely makes me take pause a bit.

Has Sony done enough to win your confidence back?  There is no doubt their brand has taken a beating, and it will take time to win back customer trust.  The biggest issue is what recourse does the average gamer have against Sony if you didn’t feel you were compensated enough?  Not much, aside from not purchasing any new Sony products going forward.  Only time will tell on how badly the Sony/PS3 brand has been tarnished.