Jun 262011

I know that bucket list is an overused term these days, but I did not know what else to call it.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to take decent vacations in the last 5-7 or so.  My wife and I have gotten in a bit of a rut though between Walt Disney World and cruising.  So, I am rethinking our vacation strategies.  We have been taking approximately two moderate type vacations per year. I am thinking towards one “staycation” and one big vacation.

Both my wife and I have spent some time (before we met) in Western Europe.  I was fortunate to spend a semester in England and was able to visit Wales, Ireland, Scotland, France, and Italy.  That was 15 years ago.  Getting old stinks. So, here is my list of things I would like to see.  Some may be more realistic than others at this time in my life both in cost and time.

  • Galapagos Islands – Thinking of taking a Celebrity cruise on the Xpedition.  It is a 100 passenger cruise ship.  It is all inclusive.  Considering our last cruise ship had 6200 passengers, it would be quite a change.
  • Machu Pichu – It is possible to wrap this in with a Galapagos Islands tour.  However, that may be too much for me at this time.  I would also like to see some of the lesser known ancient cities that are away from the tourists.
  • The Great Pyramids and cruise the Nile – I think that this one will have to wait with the unrest in the Middle East currently.
  • The Great Wall of China – I would also try to tie in a cruise down the Yangtze river.
  • River cruise through Europe – I would love to do a barge, but that is way out of my price range.  I would like to see part of Eastern Europe and Germany.
  • Grand Canyon – I have flown over it and visited some minor canyons as well as Monument Valley.  I would really love to white water raft it.
  • New Zealand – The Lord of the Rings movies really showcased some beautiful scenery.
  • The French Polynesian – Whether it is a small cruise ship or just doing a little island hopping, I do not think it matters.
  • Angkor Wat – Looks pretty amazing.  I would try to tie this in with other Eastern items such as Thailand.
  • India and the Taj Mahal – It would be pretty hard to go to India and not see the Taj Mahal while there.
  • The Panama Canal – This one is relatively easy to do.  I am just fascinated by the idea of the engineering of it.

So what say you?  What is on your list to see and do? What else should I add?

Ultimately, I am a bargain shopper.  So, I will go where I can get a great deal.  However, I am certainly expanding my horizons in the future.  Of course, if I win the lottery than I will hit all of the above plus more.