Mar 222011

In case you haven’t been paying attention to the new offshoot of the Battlefield series, like me, Battlefield Play4Free is essentially a “free” version of BF2, updated for the current times.  Why is “free” in quotation marks?  Well, the game is free to play, but relies on micro-transactions for things like getting improved weapons and upgrades.  If this sounds familiar, it uses the same model as Battlefield Heroes, and a bunch of other games under EA’s Play4Free program, which I just noticed has more games than just BF Heroes.  No word how crippled the game is if you truly try to Play4Free.

In an interview with RPS, EA confirms that players who own any previous version of a Battlefield game will be able to get into the semi-closed beta starting March 31st.  I’m actually tempted to check this one out, mainly due to my nostalgia for BF2.  I haven’t read much about it from current beta testers, and don’t know how much of the game you can enjoy while avoiding micro-transactions altogether, but I figure it’s worth a shot — for science!

Current or previous BF players, will you check out Battlefield Play4Free?

Bonus Official Trailer:


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