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GTW is made up of a group of people with quite a varied background. However, there are some things which brought us all together. The primary of which is PC gaming. We all played together competitively online in various leagues from TGL, CAL, and TWL. We were, as we joked, “.500 win team”. While we still play together casually, our competitive days are most likely over. We do still keep up with all of the news in the gaming community. The majority of the content of this site is relaying that news back to you, our readers, in an easy to understand format.

We are also quite involved with technology. Some of us have careers in it. Therefore, it part of our jobs to keep up with what is going on in the world today with regards to technology whether it is the latest news from Apple, Microsoft, or new products from Canon and Sony.  Our authors may list more details about themselves in their own profile.  If you are interested, we encourage you to go check it out.

This is site is currently hosted at StableHost.com.  We have had great customer service and support from them.  If you are looking for basic shared hosting, we highly recommend them.

Disclaimer: Some of the links you click on on our site may have affiliate codes in them.  By clicking on them and purchasing items you are helping to support this site monetarily.  Thank you for your support!


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