Mar 082011

Google releases stable version of Chrome 10 – TechSpot.  I have recently moved from my long favorite web browser Firefox to Chrome.  Originally, it was going to be a week long trial.  But quite frankly, after a day or so, it was obvious that Chrome had better performance than Firefox.

Google upped the browser war 2.0 again by releasing Chrome 10 today.

Some of the key highlights of today’s upgrade involve security & speed:

  • 23 Security Vulnerabilites fixed
  • Faster JavaScript engine
  • Better malware reporting
  • Sandboxing Adobe Flash on Windows (because someone has to)

As Firefox marches towards its long awaited 4 release, we will see if it can keep up with Google’s development pace. As Chrome uses WebKit, Safari should also benefit from Google’s code.

Mar 082011

A post on the Crysis 2 Ea Blog alerts us to a new patch for the Crysis 2 multiplayer demo.  A few “welcome” changes in the list, the most important being the un-consolification of the demo, by changing the text on the first screen from “Press start to begin” to “Press enter to begin. ”  Also, now the servers show no ping at all.  Nice work guys.

The patch will auto-update the next time you launch the game, and will also be pushed out via Steam.

  • “Press Start to Begin” has been changed to “Press Enter to Begin” on the main menu
  • Ping changes in server browser – no ping for anyone now (all 0)
  • Fixed crash if getting force disconnected from a dedicated server (although the force disconnect issue has been resolved anyway)
  • Account creation now works properly
  • G35 headset fix now implemented
  • People not able to sign in with certain characters such as “-“ or “numbers” in their username, now can

The servers for this multiplayer demo will only be active for another week, so if you’re planning on checking it out, now’s the time.