Mar 152011

In case you haven’t been paying attention, Amazon does downloadable games now — and not just casual games, but “core” titles too. As an aside, for some reason the whole “core” moniker attached to games that are the opposite of casual games (hardcore games!) I find irksome, no specific reason why.

Anyway, Amazon is doing 20% off of all their “Core” game downloads, making a serious run at Steam. They’ve been matching Steam’s weekend and midweek deals recently too. Definitely worth checking out as another option to Steam, Direct2Drive, Impulse, etc. New titles in there too like Bulletstorm, Homefront, Dragon Age 2…you get the idea:

Amazon 20% off Core Games

Mar 152011

I’m a sucker for old videos and articles which would predict what things would be like today, and AT&T used to do tons of promo materials like that back in the day.  Maybe it reminds me of dreams I had as a kid, wishing to have a device like a tablet, which could hold all of my school books, and could keep track of my place in each one. Also, it’s hard to deny that anything Shatner does, especially back in 1976, is pure awesome.  Thanks to AT&T for sharing this one from their archives:

AT&T Tech Channel