Mar 222011

In case you haven’t been paying attention to the new offshoot of the Battlefield series, like me, Battlefield Play4Free is essentially a “free” version of BF2, updated for the current times.  Why is “free” in quotation marks?  Well, the game is free to play, but relies on micro-transactions for things like getting improved weapons and upgrades.  If this sounds familiar, it uses the same model as Battlefield Heroes, and a bunch of other games under EA’s Play4Free program, which I just noticed has more games than just BF Heroes.  No word how crippled the game is if you truly try to Play4Free.

In an interview with RPS, EA confirms that players who own any previous version of a Battlefield game will be able to get into the semi-closed beta starting March 31st.  I’m actually tempted to check this one out, mainly due to my nostalgia for BF2.  I haven’t read much about it from current beta testers, and don’t know how much of the game you can enjoy while avoiding micro-transactions altogether, but I figure it’s worth a shot — for science!

Current or previous BF players, will you check out Battlefield Play4Free?

Bonus Official Trailer:

Mar 222011

Firefox 4, after what seems like an eternity has finally been released.  It has a cleaner look, tabs on top, and is packed with performance enhancements.  I’ve been using the last few betas and the RC releases, and have been satisfied with the updates.  It definitely feels more responsive than previous versions, although I’d say that Chrome and maybe even IE 9, covered here, are a bit faster in terms of load times.   If you’re a FF diehard, there’s no reason not to go upgrade right now, it’s a definite improvement.  If you’re entrenched as a Chrome or IE user, I don’t know if there is much to win you over.

Mar 222011

Gaming deals come and go everyday, so it’s hard to keep track of them as the phase in and out of existence.  Today a few notables from Amazon come our way. Amazon’s Game Deal of the Day (all day) is Dragon Age II for $39.99 on PC (both digital and disc versions), PS3 and Xbox 360.  Also be sure to keep checking out Amazon’s Lightning Deals today, as they are all game-related.

Also up on Amazon is pre-order Portal 2 for PS3 and 360 for $54.99 and get a $20 credit for a future game purchase.  No love for the PC version, although the pre-order price for that is $44.99.  However, PC users don’t despair!  You may actually want to consider getting the PS3 version, as that will also include access to the PC version on your Steam account.  This will be the first game to include Steam on the PS3, and through their “Steam Play” service, you will automatically be able to play the game on both PC and Mac as well.  So even though the game is $10 more, the extra $20 credit on the back end results in a $10 win, assuming you ever plan to purchase games from Amazon again.  Consider it.

Lastly from Amazon, today they launch their Android AppStore, complete with a free-for-today-only version of Angry Birds.  If you haven’t been keeping track, Apple has sued Amazon of the use of their “App Store” trademark.  You can read up more on that in this article at the WSJ.