May 062011

Following up on my blathering on about Eric Chahi’s groundbreaking game Another World, back in distant April, I want to point out this Destructoid-exclusive designer diary for Chahi’s upcoming game From Dust. In a nutshell, From Dust is a “god game” based on terrain deformation. And it looks fantastic:

It’s slated to be a mid-priced title ($20 or so, presumably?) for multiple platforms, including PC. (Who knows, PSN might even be back up by the game’s release, sometime in the coming months.) Ubisoft is publishing it, and they seem to be putting some marketing muscle behind the game while still providing Chahi the independence to create a new world. Maybe they’re trying to work off some of their sins accumulated from the last few years of draconian DRM.

From Dust looks beautiful and new, and that means it’s important.