May 062011

Following up on my blathering on about Eric Chahi’s groundbreaking game Another World, back in distant April, I want to point out this Destructoid-exclusive designer diary for Chahi’s upcoming game From Dust. In a nutshell, From Dust is a “god game” based on terrain deformation. And it looks fantastic:

It’s slated to be a mid-priced title ($20 or so, presumably?) for multiple platforms, including PC. (Who knows, PSN might even be back up by the game’s release, sometime in the coming months.) Ubisoft is publishing it, and they seem to be putting some marketing muscle behind the game while still providing Chahi the independence to create a new world. Maybe they’re trying to work off some of their sins accumulated from the last few years of draconian DRM.

From Dust looks beautiful and new, and that means it’s important.

Apr 202011

Okay, that might be an exaggeration. In particular, Another World (originally titled Out of this World in its North American release) could be criticized as featuring too much of the trial-and-error gameplay that was common back in the ’80s and early ’90s. But the same criticism could be leveled at classics like Prince of Persia – which raised the bar for games, spawned a 20-year franchise (including new classic The Sands of Time as well as a vacuous Hollywood blockbuster), and was recently remastered for PSN and XBLA. Eric Chahi’s Another World may not have launched such a far-reaching brand, but it set a similar high-water mark for the medium.

Another World modeled new approaches to animation, music and sound, gameworld design, emotionally-affecting characters, and non-verbal storytelling. The game’s Wikipedia page cites its influence on the creation of PS2 masterpiece ICO (itself soon to receive a remastered release for PS3), as well as accolades from rockstar game designers like Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid) and Guichi Soda (No More Heroes). On a personal level, Another World also contributed some serious lack of productivity to my freshman year of college. Along with Prince of Persia and Bungie’s Marathon, this was one of the games that made me a gamer.

Because of this, I was happy to see put the 15th Anniversary Edition of the game on sale for $3.99. The deal is basically for today only, ending tomorrow morning at 6am, so don’t hesitate. You can’t beat this price for one of the most influential games of the past two decades. describes the 15th Anniversary Edition like so:

In the 15th Anniversary Edition, apart from a remastered version of the game, you will find a 20 minutes long “making of” video of Another World, the technical handbook, the development diary and the soundtrack remixed by the original composer JF Freitas.

In other news, Eric Chahi has resurfaced in recent years and is helming the upcoming game From Dust.