Apr 222011

Some good noteworthy deals worth passing along:

First off, you can get 25% off of orders over $19.99 at Direct2Drive when you use coupon code “bunny”.  While you’re at Direct2Drive, Crysis 2 is even a bit steeper discount at 30% off, today only.

Also, if you’re looking for a little iOS gaming, be sure to check out Dead Space HD for the iPad, as it’s on sale for the magical price of $0.99. This game has been optimized for the iPad 2 (although still compatible with the first iPad), so it’s a great game to show off what the new iPad can really do — it rivals and even surpasses the current gen of consoles. As a nice throw-in / cross-over, playing the iOS version of Dead Space will unlock some stuff in Dead Space 2, in case you needed additional incentives.

If you’d rather get the iPhone version, Dead Space for the iPhone is also $0.99 for a limited time.


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  1. I’ll definitely pick up one or two of EA’s iPhone games for cheap.

    While looking through other deals, I just noticed that Amazon’s current price on the boxed PC version of The Saboteur is just $5. Lots of people seem to love this game, and it’s been patched up since release. I’m springing for it at that price – it’ll never be cheaper, even through a Steam mega-sale.

    EDIT: Oops, that’s not Amazon’s price at all – it’s a third-party retailer. Still a great price – not eligible for Amazon’s standard shipping rates, but Amazon Marketplace rates mean it’s still only a bit north of $8.

  2. Incidentally, this makes D2D by far the best place to pre-order The Witcher 2 – because the $45 base price gets a reduction of 25%, giving a total of about $32.50. I may transfer my pre-order over to D2D, despite the lack of DRM exclusive to GOG.com. I’d love to be able to support the developer more directly through GOG.com, but as they say, grad students can’t be choosers….

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