Mar 102011

A few noteworthy deals to pass along.  One thing that’s starting to become apparent is that Amazon is making a serious push into the digital distribution of PC games, and might even try and give Steam a run for their money.  For example they’ve matched Steam’s mid-week deal of Mafia II for $7.50.  From what I know about Amazon’s download service, is that it’s not all that different than how Direct2Drive works.  Download the game as many times as you need to, and they add no additional DRM.  Any DRM in the game is from the publisher only. Their selection is still limited, but if anyone can compete with Steam on price, it’s Amazon.

Keep in mind these deals are usually limited so act quickly if you are interested.

  • Direct2Drive:  20% off of anything (even preorders) with code “hangover”
  • Steam: Mafia II for $7.50
  • Amazon: Mafia II (digital download) for $7.50
  • Amazon: Metro 2033 (digital download) for $15.95
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