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A couple of weeks ago, EA essentially re-branded their EA digital download store as “Origin.”  Nothing exactly Earth-shattering, and it didn’t even feel it was worth discussing at any form here.  Yeah, there was the bit about Star Wars The Old Republic being an Origin exclusive, but for a yet-to-be-released MMO, it didn’t really register as note-worthy.  Now things are starting to get interesting.  RPS posted an article alerting us that Crysis 2 has been pulled from Steam and Alice: Madness Returns is no where to be found on Steam as well.  Also, interesting is that there have been zero hints of Battlefield 3 pre-orders on Steam, especially with EA and DICE pushing pre-orders hard elsewhere, as we discussed yesterday.

Of course the conspiracy theorists already have BF3 as an Origin exclusive, meaning if you want to buy BF3 digitally, direct from EA will be your only choice.  While that may end up being the case, there is one small problem in that logic: you can currently preorder BF3 on Direct2Drive and also on GamersGate (at 10% off).  To make things more interesting, you can still by Crysis 2 digitally on Direct2Drive and Amazon, so it doesn’t appear to have become an Origin digital exclusive, at least not yet.   Is Origin solely targeting Steam?  We’ve heard in the past from other retailers and some publishers that they felt that Steam carried too much weight by dominating the digital download market, and maybe EA is trying to strong arm Steam by not making available some high profile titles there.  They’ve done it on the used game market of console games with “Project $10”, so maybe Steam is their next focus.

I understand from a publisher’s perspective the downside of Steam.  Obviously, Steam takes a cut of the game sales, but that’s true of D2D, GamersGate, Amazon, and even brick and mortar stores like Gamestop and Best Buy.  Steam, however, works a bit differently on the technical side, requiring a somewhat rigorous approval process for not only the games but all patches — and let’s not forget that Steam games need to have separate patches applied to them which isn’t true of games purchased digitally elsewhere (except, obviously, if it’s a Steamworks game.)  So, maybe it’s more about having to maintain two different versions of a game and less about trying to forcefully limit market share of Steam.  Or maybe it’s some crazy argument over fees or other back-room deals that have really nothing to do with anything gamers should care about.  The point is, we really don’t know and I’d wager that most gamers don’t care.  They want to buy the games they want, where they want to, that’s it.

I have some, friends, actual real people, who only buy their games from Steam.  They will buy their games from Steam, even if better deals can be found elsewhere, and many times, will never buy a game simply because it’s not sold on Steam.  The question is, if BF3 is never sold on Steam, will those people buy it?  Between this and the pre-order shenanigans, have you been soured on BF3 any, or are you full steam ahead?  Yes, the bad pun was necessary.


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  1. I’m one of those steam exclusive guys.
    Steam is so easy to use and is also a very good social tool, other digital gaming stores have attempted this kind of thing e.g gamespy comrade and I hated having a crappy software on my computer that I would only use for one or 2 games.
    Steam sells almost everything and it always at the cheapest price, and downloading even the biggest of games rarely takes more than 2 hours on my AUSTRALIAN Internet.
    Valve is probably my favourite company in the gaming realm as they always produce good quality games and always have some sort of amazing steam special, like how now tf2 is going play for free. I believe valve is driven more out of entisiasm for games than ea as there titles are often no 1s and they support there games waaaay after develpment and ea on the other hand is a
    money fueled beast that dosent care for consumers, especcially because they don’t even make games, they are just a publisher, valve on the other hand is a games manufacturer that owns a publisher (steam).

  2. I’m also a steam exclusive guy.

    There are several reasons why I choose steam. Number one reason is Valve. They have been providing us highest quality AAA titles, fantastic story telling with richest use of art, sound effects etc. Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2, Portal 2 are the latest examples for their unique skills. I’m happy and I know I will always be happy with every one of their product or platform.

    Second biggest reason is the prices. I live in Turkey, Retail games are overprices here. At first steam was selling with European currency with taxes and etc. in our region but several years ago they changed the pricing. Now they are cheaper. Origin is still expensive. (Also GreenManGaming did this change too) I contacted about this but I get stupid answers from EA’s customer service. That attitude is not gonna help them.

    I don’t want to buy from anything other than Steam. But I definitely want BF3, so I’m gonna wait a litte longer, that probably buy it from direct 2 drive or gamers gate because it’s still cheaper than Origin. Strange but true.

  3. GOOD! Steam needs to take a step back and let the developers control their games. I’ll glady buy BF3 wherever it is cheapest. I only ever buy Steam games during its ridiculous sales, and those hard to find classics. Everything else falls to its competitors, or *gasp* a retail box.

    Valve needs to remove its lengthy patch approval process, and make patching steam client games easier and faster. Remember steam fanboys, not everything valve touches turns to gold…. “Valve anti-cheat” works wonders right?

    • You know that EA didn’t develop this game ? dice did..
      Sorry but the whole thing with origin just isnt working for me…

      connecting by a browser is a pain in the ass.
      i rather have steam than this.

  4. What’s wrong with VAC?
    also Im in the priccess of moong money to my paypal account to buy off origin…

  5. No steam exclusivity here, I do prefer games on steam because it’s no worries about patching…not to mention if you reinstall your OS no grabbing all game discs and doing the pop one in pop it out routine. I do on the other hand hate origin if it’s still doing the same thing that EA downloader(or whatever it was called) did. What I’m talking about for those who didn’t know is when they would only let you download a game for a year unless you payed extra, but even then it would only be allowed for 5 years. After that period is up it’s as if you never owned the game(if you didn’t keep a backup).

    I could care less if they allow it on steam even though I prefer that but I will not support origin(through it’s use).

  6. Im only buying if its on steam.

  7. It’s steam or nothing. Steam makes pc use user friendly, I’m too busy to dl patches upon launch of games. Steam does it on steam launch instead. Origin won’t get a sale out of me

  8. Im not a steam exclusive but i dont feel like having alot of programs just to play a pc game i prefer having all my games in one so it would be cool if you put bf3 on steam also if its not on steam im getting the retail

  9. Full steam ahead for me, its alot easier to use than origin and its alot quicker too, and the advantage of buying games online instead of in the shops is that you cant damage a disc, if your computer crashes simply download another copy of the game

  10. Amazon has it today for download… AMAZON BUY STEAM NOW! 😉

  11. I’m also a Steam fan boy – If EA doesn’t release BF3 on Steam, it just shows us how EA don’t give a $%^$ about their customers.

    Why would anyone want to run Steam and Origin alongside each other – that’s just a ball ache.

  12. I remember the days of Battlefield 1943 when you had to sign up for a separate EA account on the PS3. I know, I know, this is between Origin and Steam, but i waited a whole month to hear back from stupid EA in order to play BF1943. Why would you even need a separate EA account when you already have a perfectly fine PSN? It’s enough of a pain in the ass to have 2 accounts when you easily could have one.

  13. Steam or nothing for me. No, Steam isn’t perfect, but I have yet to hear anything good about EA’s attitude and how they run Origin (read: fail.) I certainly have zero desire to install and use another game delivery system. Less is more; Netflix is learning the hard way on that (as they try to back pedal from some corporate idiot’s idea of requiring separate websites for DVDs and streaming titles).

  14. What happened in EA live chat yesterday…

    Michael: Hi, my name is Michael. How may I help you?
    2297527067: hello
    2297527067: i played bf3 on origin, i found that i had a digital copy of bf2142 deluxe edition online in the cloud.
    2297527067: i have just tried to log in to origin to download the client and cannot find a download link anywhere.
    2297527067: also
    Michael: Do you have BF 2142 Digital ?
    2297527067: i have multiple games from ea and altyhough i play them all under one account i do not see them on my account, what is going on, any ideas?
    Michael: There is no way to get games on one account.
    2297527067: i was able to download 2142 from the origin client and play it
    Michael: A game registered once cannot be deleted or transferred.
    2297527067: i was able to download it through the origin client and play it
    2297527067: ?
    Michael: Ok give me all your emails
    Michael: I will search it
    Michael: The game is there on XXXXXXX@gmail.com
    2297527067: k
    Michael: Login in Origin
    2297527067: i just have and cant find it
    Michael: In Origin ?
    2297527067: in origin
    2297527067: where is a link to download the latest origin client?
    Michael: Oh
    Michael: Obtain the latest available version here http://www.origin.com/download
    2297527067: thank you, the other games i have from ea and have registered are they available in the cloud
    Michael: cloud >?
    2297527067: the ea “Cloud”
    2297527067: ea’s digital cloud
    Michael: Only BF 3 beta and BF 2142 is on origin on XXXXXXX@gmail.com
    2297527067: i have four other ea games i have registered, are they available?
    Michael: NO they might be on some other account
    2297527067: i only have one account
    2297527067: you mean on EA not origin?
    Michael: Its same
    2297527067: well i can see these Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam PC Download
    Command & Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight Command & Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight PC
    Battlefield: Bad Companyâ?¢ 2 Battlefield: Bad Companyâ?¢ 2
    2297527067: but no way of downloading them
    Michael: Give me the keys to check
    2297527067: AAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2297527067: you have the keys they are all related to the same account
    2297527067: i registered them because i move around quite a bit and do not always manage to keep my stuff together, if a contract finishes quickly and i have to go i go.
    Michael: No we don’t have the key.
    2297527067: the whole point of registering them online?
    2297527067: didnt i have to put it in when i registered the game?
    Michael: Yes
    2297527067: they are not there by magic are they
    Michael: Check on the game manual
    2297527067: i dont have the manuals
    2297527067: anymore
    Michael: That means you have no proof that you own the games
    2297527067: i didnt have the 2142 manual and it was there to download more than 2years since i last played it
    2297527067: i registered them
    Michael: Ok give me the key to search
    Michael: search*
    2297527067: key?
    2297527067: which one?
    Michael: Serial number
    Michael: BFBC 2 or CNC 4
    2297527067: the one i dont have but did have when i registered it?
    2297527067: the whole point of registering games is to keep them safe
    2297527067: you shouldn’t have to worry about losing a key after it has been registered
    2297527067: you know im thanking god i spend most of my money on steam games nowadays
    Michael: You have no proof that you own the games,.
    2297527067: they are on my account, prove to me that i dont own them
    2297527067: proove it by showing me someone else has tried to register the key
    Michael: If you want the game then you have to proove.
    2297527067: i registered it
    2297527067: its mine
    Michael: so where are the keys.
    2297527067: in the cloud where i put them
    2297527067: proove to me i didnt
    Michael: Wait
    Michael: You want the game in Origin ?
    2297527067: i dont mind
    2297527067: ea dl or origin
    Michael: Same
    Michael: Open https://activate.ea.com/applyentitlement.do
    2297527067: system error try again later
    Michael: Ok same error coming to me also
    2297527067: system down maybe?
    Michael: Yes
    2297527067: can i reach the activation page from a copy of the link or do you have to send me to it?
    Michael: Try it after some hours.
    Michael: Good news is I found your keys
    2297527067: i appreciate you trying, thank you michael, they are mine.
    Michael: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Battlefield: Bad Company 2
    Michael: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx Command & Conquer 4
    Michael: Try to activate after some hours
    Michael: On that link I gave you.,
    2297527067: how about the key for bf2142?
    Michael: That is already on origin
    2297527067: do ihave to transfer them myself or will it happen automatically?
    Michael: Transfer ?
    2297527067: also i have need for speed hot pursuit does that show on your games list for me
    Michael: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Need for Speed Hot Pursuit PC
    2297527067: anymore i have forgotten about lol?
    Michael: No
    Michael: Its all
    2297527067: michael thank you very much, i appreciate your help.
    Michael: Thank you for your participation in the EA Games Chat Support.
    Take care, Bye!
    2297527067: the cloud one day will be automatic and this will all be a bad memory….
    2297527067: bye

    Amazing how i got what i wanted after mentioning steam….Also they lie there is a key for bfbc2 vietnam they never fessed up to.
    After this i refuse to buy anything from origin, its a cardboard cutout impression of what an online digital store should be.

  15. Same here been using steam since before WON was shut down I am and I remember saying then I wont switch I love WON!! Well its been ten years and a lot of bug fixes it was horrible in the early days but I am fully loyal to steam I have 100+ Games on my account as well as all my steam friends that are not on origin. I recently preordered Modern Warfare 3 almost purely because Battlefield 3 isn’t on steam I honestly wasn’t impressed by the beta the gameplay reminded me of Medal of Honor besides all the bugs (granted its a beta) Origin itself isn’t that bad I had no issues making a account installing just the whole Browser based game menu and pseudo facebook notifications made me hold shift and run as far as I could away from this game. I ended up getting MW3 because I know what I am getting it’s the same game as cod4 I don’t have high expectations but I am sure I will be entertained instead of being just let down by Battlefield 3

    I am really waiting for Counter-Strike Global Offensive

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