Mar 082011

A post on the Crysis 2 Ea Blog alerts us to a new patch for the Crysis 2 multiplayer demo.  A few “welcome” changes in the list, the most important being the un-consolification of the demo, by changing the text on the first screen from “Press start to begin” to “Press enter to begin. ”  Also, now the servers show no ping at all.  Nice work guys.

The patch will auto-update the next time you launch the game, and will also be pushed out via Steam.

  • “Press Start to Begin” has been changed to “Press Enter to Begin” on the main menu
  • Ping changes in server browser – no ping for anyone now (all 0)
  • Fixed crash if getting force disconnected from a dedicated server (although the force disconnect issue has been resolved anyway)
  • Account creation now works properly
  • G35 headset fix now implemented
  • People not able to sign in with certain characters such as “-“ or “numbers” in their username, now can

The servers for this multiplayer demo will only be active for another week, so if you’re planning on checking it out, now’s the time.


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